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Account Based Marketing

Marketing and sales, two teams, a single aim

You will obtain leads of the highest quality in line with your business aims.

Account-based marketing allows you to achieve a complete map of strategic accounts for your company to design tailored actions to attract and interact with key people.

When we identify a new prospect, it is not followed as if it were a business, but rather as an individual.

Account-based marketing means having the opportunity to focus resources on a smaller, really interested public, and therefore, more likely to become valid leads. As a result, this will also grow ROI.

Account Based Marketing, Connection Human 2 Human, H2H

Account-based marketing is not just for new names; it is also for existing clients, working with the hidden opportunities in the company with the aim of maximising their engagement and therefore, triggering cross-sell and up-sell processes.

This is why ABM is often associated with a “land and expand” tactic: campaigns optimised to attract new clients and actions targeted to existing clients.

How do we structure your Account Based Marketing campaign?

  • We draw in a reference audience for your company
  • We identify decision makers and direct your communication towards them
  • We select and create interesting content based on the reference target
  • We exploit the full potential of your CRM and social media platforms
  • We measure and track the engagement levels and interactions with buyer personas
Account Based Marketing, Connection Human 2 Human, H2H

The market is full of opportunities; the important thing is to know how to identify, qualify and close them.


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