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What is Human to Human marketing?

Human to human marketing is a conversational way of communicating with other brands and clients. It’s recognising that you’re selling to humans and conveying this in the way you speak and the topics you choose to speak about.

Over the past few years, marketing strategies, whether online or offline, have all been focused on the B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) segments.

In this sense, one of their shortcomings is that they did not humanize their buying and selling processes. Their only focus was to fulfil the need of the business.

H2H marketing, on the other hand, considers people and their human relations.

Through the humanization of business, empathy finds gaps so that the company can get close enough to its buyer persona to influence their decision.

“H2H marketing, or human-to-human marketing, represents the concept that behind every business, consumer, there is a living, breathing human being who is making decisions about your company.”

How to communicate in the H2H strategy?
Be empathetic

By putting yourself in your clients’ shoes, you let them know that your company understands them. And this behaviour can be a trigger to closing bigger deals and making powerful connections.

Be personal

To be personal is to be close. It is to know who your client is, their name, their wishes, and desires. It is to instruct your team to listen actively, which is crucial for this strategy’s success.

More people need to be heard. When they feel that this happens and that your company knows who they are, this relationship only grows and becomes stronger.

Be authentic

Authenticity is about saying what your client needs to hear and not what they want to hear.

Communicating with transparency will spark confidence in your client, enabling you to have frank and careful conversations so that they have the best possible customer experience.

Be inspiring

To have emotions is an inherent feature of being human. Having this in mind is a key piece to communicating with your client.

Remember that everyone is looking for things that will make them feel good.

Inspiring people goes far beyond doing something for them — it’s about giving them something that they can hold on to during turbulent times. This is how relationships evolve!

We hope you find H2H marketing as interesting as we at Connection H2H. If you want to learn more about human marketing don’t hesitate to ask for our support!

Filomena Santoro – Co founder & Marketing Director @ConnectionH2H