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How implement a Human-to-Human Marketing Strategy?

To implement this strategy, it is necessary to break with the cultural patterns connected to B2B and B2C strategies — because they are not focused on customer behaviour but on how your company behaves towards it.

The H2H method can outperform B2B and B2C strategies because its reach is broader, and the results tend to appear faster. As it creates closer business relationships, decisions can be taken more quickly than in other strategies.

It is important to emphasize that, in this approach, the quality of communication is much more important than its frequency.
Instead of sending several emails, leaving messages, or even inviting prospects to fill forms to contact specialists, the essential thing is to pay attention to the dialogue.

Make it meaningful instead of just trying to show why the consumer needs your product.

Following, check out some practical tips on how to implement this model!

  1. Have a customer-focused mindset
  2. Empathize with your Customers needs
  3. Simplify and focus your communication strategy on valuable content for your Target Audience
  4. Focus the social media strategy by talking to people and putting their topics of interest at the centre
  5. Build a relationship of trust and be present with your client with weekly review meetings where you will highlight all progress and possible improvements

What are the advantages of adopting the H2H strategy?
Opportunity to be unique in the market

Nowadays, people are not used to human contact — even though it is what they want. Offering it to them is a way of providing an outstanding experience with your company.

Acquisition of loyal customers

Satisfied customers become promoters of your brand — and this is the best way to advertise your company for free.
In the end, people buy from people, and no matter how complicated humans are, there will always be a way of speaking their language.
In this context, companies have the mission of exploring how and where to apply this language to sell more, strengthen their brand, and generate value to the market.

So, take our tips about human-to-human marketing to the practical level and make the most of this strategy, that will continue being a trend in the years to come!

Filomena Santoro – Co founder & Marketing Director @ConnectionH2H